Swimrun is more than swimming and running …

What is swimrun?

Swimrun – not be confused with swim and run – is a multisport endurance competition. Unlike triathlon, which comprises of the three sequential disciplines swimming, cycling, and running, a swimrun consists of swimming and (trail-)running, only, and is performed by teams of two. Because it is an outdoor event and consists of multiple, alternating swimming as well as running sections, a wetsuit is worn during the whole competition.

Contrary to triathlon, swimming equipments (e.g., paddles, fins, buoys) are allowed, but must be carried from start to finish. Because there is no sports federation, the allowed equipment depends on the event organizer.

The first and most famous event is Ö TILL Ö. You can find other swimrun events in our race schedule.

What do I need?

As mentioned before, a wetsuit (and cap) as well as a pair of running shoes is the absolute minimum. Because swimrun takes place in open-water, further safety equipment is strongly recommend (e.g., RESTUBE, whistle).

Where can I start training?

We are a bunch of sports enthusiasts keen on different endurance disciplines (e.g., trail running, open-water swimming, triathlon). If you like to join our next training session, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.


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